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Art & Architecture

AArt Solutions for Open Spaces

custom photography

Strategy & Design

Our curators and designers are experts in finding artistic solutions to open spaces in buildings and homes.

We are able to contrive small and large-scale contemporary custom artistic works to suit your décor needs. Wall sculptures using metals (copper, brass and bronze), works on canvas, as well as vast pieces bonded and created with museum quality artisan papers. We can produce original photographic c-prints, face mounted on Glass and Plexiglass up to 60 x 120 inches. We can even create luxe silk banners. 

We are happy to take commissions for original artworks, made specifically for your project. We are excited to explore the endless possibilities of creating an extraordinary space through art.

Please request a consultation.

Below: Custom wall sculpture, "RAIN," paper on paper

with watercolor, pastel and acrylic paints by Jonna Gill.

custom sculpture
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